Looney Tunes



I saw a post today that stated the most important lesson, we have learned from the Covid 19 crisis is which of our friends are racists.

While there is no doubt that is true, I think there is a bigger lesson.

The most important lesson we have learned from the Covid crisis is which of our friends, acquaintances and elected officials are Daffy. As in duck. In other, words Looney Tunes. (I classify racism, especially in its benign form where people do not realize they are racist, as a form of crazy e.g. self-delusion, etc. This does not make it any lest pernicious and awful. Just sadder.)


The other day I heard Mike Pence talk about the federal government response to the Covid 19. He was proud of the fact that the Federal Government had let state and local government take the lead on virus protection and response. This despite the fact that the virus is a national problem that does not discriminate based on state lines; that the lack of federal leadership led to shortages where supplies were needed, stockpiling when none was needed, price gouging and most importantly vast amount of human suffering and death. How is it that the richest country on earth, is having one of the worst responses to the crisis?  We are supposed to be the world leader, but we should not aspire to be that on infections (2.7M) and deaths (128k) and break records on infections per day as we did yesterday (50k.)  But then Pence went to claim credit for New York’s, among others, response to the virus when they had nothing to do with it. If this was not enough, he then praised the federal government’s restraint in not having federal guidelines on mask wearing despite the fact it is the best way to curb the spread of the disease.

This is Looney Tunes idiocy. It is like Elmer Fudd ever thinking he can outsmart Bugs Bunny.

The governor of Florida said that he would not walk back his steps to reopen the state. It means that people can go to the gym without any restrictions. Eat inside restaurants which can be filled to capacity. He vetoed legislation that would allow distance learning for those wishing to graduate high school. This despite the fact the state is averaging 10k new infections per day. DeSantis claims that this is because of increased testing which is among the most idiotic responses of all times because there are still 10k cases per day. This will, in short order,  overwhelm the health care system. But DeSantis is not alone in his Looney Tunes behavior.

There is the Lt. Governor of Texas, whose state has ignored guidelines and because of it now has 8k new cases per day. He said that they will continue to ignore advice from the leading expert in the field. Did not Einstein define insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Sadly because of the state’s decision to ignore common sense 2,600 people have died and 175,000 made to suffer let alone the suffering of all their families.

This is Looney Tunes idiocy. It is like the Coyote thinking he will ever catch the Roadrunner.

There are people that I know who post about “White Lives Matter” despite the fact they know the “Black Lives Matter” movement is making sure that we are all treated equally under the law. They refuse to see white privilege and belittle what African American is endure despite the fact that is evident in their lives, easily viewable on video, and is documented in every imaginable way. Then they claim not to be racist even as they voice support for the couple in St. Louis who pointed an “assault weapon” and a pistol at peaceful African American demonstrators or defend monuments of traitors, and seditionists, and racists as historical objects that should be preserved.

Their believing they are not racist is Looney Tune’s crazy. It is like Sylvester ever thinking that Tweetie will be a meal.

Then there are the anti-maskers and anti vaxers who adamantly believe that asking them to wear a mask in public or getting vaccines is violation of their rights. They claim to be pro-life but say that being vaccinated or wearing a mask interferes with gods laws despite the fact that doing those things save lives. They are not pro life. They a pro themselves at the expense of anyone else.

This is Looney Tunes foolishness. It is like expecting Pepe Le Pew not to look for love.

I have “friends” who regularly post about the horrors being brought about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, and Ayanna Presley for their “anti-American” stances on issues but have never once criticized Donald Trump. Not when he tears down institutions, defies the constitution, and rips apart the country with divisive and often racist behavior, tweets, and public statements. They excoriate Pelosi and Schumer political agenda but say nothing when Trump ignores that Russia has placed a bounty on American soldiers and instead invite the Taliban to Camp David and the Russian’s to join G7. They scream about fiscal irresponsibility but say nothing when Trump passes tax laws that benefit corporations and the wealthy which never make its way back in the economy. They belittle Andrew Cuomo of NY,  Jay Inslee of Washington, and Phil Murphy of NJ despite the fact their states have led the way in overcoming the pandemic while never uttering a word against Trump’s lack of response that has resulted in 2,7,00,000 cases, 130,000 lives, and 40 million jobs.

They say nothing when, in the midst of a pandemic where people need health care more than ever and 11% of American are unemployed, Trump sues to remove the affordable care act.

This is Looney Tunes stupidity. It is like believing that Marvin the Martian will ever conquer the earth.

Finally, there are people I know and respect who despite knowing what Trump is and all the damage he has caused this country… the complete bumbling of the Covid 19 crisis, self-enrichment, crushing debt, and lack of progress on virtual any front…continue to defend their vote for him. They tell me that Hillary was flawed. She was not likeable. They defend their vote despite knowing that Hillary, like her or not, would have outperformed Trump’s pathetic performance while in a coma. Not admitting that is not only delusional but dangerous and juvenile. If you needed a guide to take you some where would you choose the person you like the most or the person who has the best qualifications?

Not admitting your own failure of judgement is  Looney Tunes madness. It is like believing that Daffy Duck will speak without a lisp.

As Porky would say “That’s all folks!”

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Winston Churchill once said that if you were not a liberal when you were young you had no heart, and if you were not a conservative when you were older then you had no brain. I know I have both so what does that make me?
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